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Having trouble playing the videos? Refer to this guide to learn how to play videos that aren't working for you!

Mac Users: Read this Message!

With recent updates to Quicktime there have been some issues with Windows Movie files. Click here to find a guide on how to play the vidoes on your Mac.


Welcome to the College of Nursing Streaming Server. Please Navigate the site utilizing the tabs near the top of the page. All videos on this site are streamed in Windows Media format, in 300-512kbps quality. Videos should work with Windows Media Player 9 and above on Microsoft Windows.

Important: Mac users, you may need to install the VLC media player before videos will play correctly.

Logon Procedure

You will need to log on using your College of Nursing username and password to proceed. Your username should be entered in the format of OSUCON\lastname_#. Your password should be entered as normal. Questions? E-Mail

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